Westminster Treatments

Want to give yourself some extra boost in beauty? There is no need to worry about what your friends and family say. Simply get what you desire. After all, there are no limits or requirements for beauty. Thus, if you’re searching for a great boost in the skin and facial beauty, the company you to trust in Westminster, London is VA Aesthetics. 

Why VA Aesthetics?

VA Aesthetics is the leading skin treatment center in and around Westminster, London. We are a cut above the competition due to the high quality of treatment we offer without surgery. Using our holistic methods, which have been developed with great research and care, we ensure a rejuvenating treatment without surgery. 

Getting a treatment with VA Aesthetics has the following benefits:

Safer Process

Clients around Westminster, London no longer need to worry about safe surgery if they hire VA Aesthetics for the job. Our safe and certified methods guarantee your security at all times. Thus, with VA Aesthetics you can get treated without any fear for your safety. 

Low Risk

We have developed our treatments with immense care to ensure that there are no risks involved. We provide safe and risk-free treatment for any procedure you might need. 


Rather than cause issues in your life, each treatment offered by VA Aesthetics is designed to ensure that you get a better quality of life. 

Fast Results

Our treatments work quick, and by following our advice, you can see startling results sooner than you expect. 

If you’re searching for the very best treatment around Westminster, London, VA Aesthetics offers you excellence in the following services:

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Get rid of any unwanted wrinkles with our wide array of anti-wrinkle injections and treatments. We ensure that you get the very best treatment possible with no side effects whatsoever.

PRP Treatment

Enrich your skin and rejuvenate the cells that line with our plasma rich treatment that puts life back into your skin. 

Profhilo Treatment

Want a facelift but don’t like the surgery you’ll have to undertake. Avoid it with VA Aesthetic’s exceptional and completely safe Profhilo treatment. 

Dermal Fillers

Want your skin to shine without going under the knife? Our dermal fillers help you reduce wrinkles and get more glowing skin.

VA Aesthetics is who you need if you reside in the Westminster area.