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London Cheek Fillers

Improve lift, shape, and contour of cheeks through cheek dermal fillers

Cheek augmentation with dermal fillers is a popular cosmetic treatment. It can help enhance the appearance of the cheekbones and contour the cheek areas. This treatment does not require invasive surgery. Unlike cheek implant surgery, dermal fillers are non-surgical and offer a subtle way to achieve a natural-looking result.

Dermal filler injections are typically made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that is well-tolerated by the body. Hyaluronic acid is known for its plumping and firming effects on the skin. It binds to water and stimulates collagen production in the local area.One of the key benefits of augmentation with fillers is that it can improve the balance, shape, and projection of the cheeks. This helps to achieve a more youthful, brighter, and beautiful appearance.

As we age, the midface tends to descend due to gravity and the atrophy of youthful fat, leading to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and nasolabial folds. Cheek fillers can help reverse this volume loss by replacing the lost tissue, restoring the natural contour of the cheeks.Although the risk of side effects or complications is low, it is important to choose an experienced and qualified provider. Such as a certified plastic surgeon or aesthetic medicine physician, this will minimize the risk of infection and ensure optimal results.

At V&A Aesthetics, our certified Aesthetic Medicine physician is Dr. Devan Vaghela. He performs precise cheek fillers in London, customized for each patient to achieve their specific expectations. The treatments are designed to counteract age-related midface descent. Treatment typically takes 15-20 minutes, and the duration of results depends on the product and desired outcome. The approximate cost for cheek fillers at V&A Aesthetics is £325/1 ml or £550/2 ml. If you are considering a contour filler treatment, contact V&A Aesthetics to schedule an appointment and explore the options available.

Cheek Fillers Before and After

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Cheek Augmentation Procedure

Cheek Fillers Cost

Item Price
Cheek Fillers 1 ML £325
Cheek Fillers 2 ML £500

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do cheek fillers last?
Most patients may see their results for 8 months however some have reported effects lasting up to 18 months. The duration of cheek dermal fillers results depends on several factors, including age and activity levels. Highly active patients may see their bodies dissolve the filler faster than patients with mild levels of activity.
How long do cheek fillers take to settle?
The result is visible immediately and finalises within one week. Results will vary depending on how much product is injected and how quickly the patient metabolises the hyaluronic acid.
What to expect after cheek filler?
Typically, patients will not need any downtime after a treatment. Unlike surgery, it leaves patients with no incisions or scarring. After treatment, patients can return to their daily routine right away. The benefits of a cheek dermal filler are visible immediately. These benefits include improved facial contours, restoration of lost volume, and a decrease in sagging or loose skin.
How long does cheek filler swelling last?
Generally, any swelling should subside within one to two days. While this likely won’t interfere with your day, some patients prefer taking the day off while the swelling goes down.
Are cheek fillers safe?
Yes. Hyaluronic acid injectable fillers like Juvederm and Teoxane are safe and FDA-approved for use in the cheeks and midface. It is recommended to visit a trained professional for your injections. This ensures a proper medical environment and high-quality treatment results.
How do cheek fillers work?
Hyaluronic acid used for Cheek filler is of a high-density nature. This is to ensure that it provides adequate structural support under the skin. The filler is placed on the deeper planes of tissue just above the bone. As with other hyaluronic dermal fillers, they are very hydrophilic and bind to water molecules to provide a full, plump result.
Can cheek filler migrate?
Yes, it's a known but very rare complication. It can be associated if other skin treatments such as HIFU are performed soon after.
Can I wear makeup after cheek fillers?
If patients would like to put on skin makeup products post-treatment, this is acceptable. However, our doctor recommends avoiding makeup afterward on the day of treatment, if possible.
How much do cheek fillers cost?
Cheek enhancement cost, £325 for 1ml, £550 for 2ml.

Customer’s Testimony

“As a patient of V&A Aesthetics I can assure you, the best treatment it’ll be provided. Doctors are very professional and highly skilled, providing excellent service in a clean and safe Clinic. I’m really happy with the results of my treatments and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend V&A Aesthetics.”
- Ana Carapeto