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Your hands are front and center in your life. They help you work, communicate, and express yourself every day. They also show signs of aging before other parts of your body. Until recently, there were very few options for cosmetic procedures to keep them looking their best through the years. Now, women and men can enjoy significant improvements with hand fillers.

Totally non-invasive, outpatient hand rejuvenation services change the way people look at their hands. With a smoother appearance, unsightly wrinkles and veins are less noticeable. You enjoy all the benefits with virtually no recovery time needed. With just one or two simple injections, you get months of beautiful hands you are ready to show the world.

Hand fillers offer a new option in your quest for a more youthful appearance. There is no need to feel hesitant about offering a hand to a new acquaintance or business contact anymore. 

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Hand Filler in London

Experience the ultimate hand rejuvenation with our dermal filler treatments at V&A Aesthetics in London. Conveniently located at 121 Dawes Rd, London SW6 7DU, United Kingdom, Fulham, our clinic specializes in enhancing the appearance of your hands. Led by Dr. Devan Vaghela, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve smoother, more youthful hands. Our non-invasive hand filler procedures are designed to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and veins, restoring volume and confidence.

Trust us to provide top-quality fillers that deliver natural-looking results. At V&A Aesthetics, we're committed to enhancing your natural beauty and offering personalized treatments tailored to your unique needs. Say goodbye to the signs of aging on your hands and hello to renewed confidence with our safe and effective hand filler treatments in London.

Hand Fillers Procedure

Hand Fillers Cost

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Hand Fillers 1.5 ML £450

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the results of hand fillers last?
The results of hand fillers typically last several months, depending on individual factors. Regular maintenance treatments can extend the duration of your youthful hands.
Is the hand fillers procedure painful?
The procedure is relatively painless. A numbing cream or local anesthesia is applied to ensure your comfort during the treatment.
Are there any side effects of hand fillers?
Mild swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection sites is common but temporary. These effects usually subside within a week.
How soon can I resume normal activities after the hand fillers procedure?
It's advisable to avoid strenuous activities involving the hands and exposure to extreme temperatures for the first few days after the procedure. You can typically resume normal activities within a week.
Can hand fillers be combined with other cosmetic treatments?
Yes, hand fillers can be combined with other treatments as part of a comprehensive anti-aging plan. Consult with your healthcare professional to discuss your options.