How Fillers Get Rid of Dark Circles & Under Eye Bags
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How Fillers Get Rid of Dark Circles & Under Eye Bags

People experiencing dark circles and under-eye bags want to treat them using the easiest way possible. Most patients request their dermatologists to remove these dark circles or under-eye bags so they don’t look sleepless or tired. The most convenient way to overcome this issue is by getting fillers. Fillers are used to fix your eyes by brightening them and discarding any sign of tiredness. The fillers that you use lift the area under your eyes to erase dark circles and tighten the area under your eyes to get rid of eye bags. 

When should you get a filler for your dark circles and under-eye bags?

Dark circles and under-eye bags can emerge for numerous reasons. However, you must note that if you have dark circles under your eyes due to pigmentation or any vascular problem, then a filler cannot solve your problem. But it might be able to solve your under-eye bags issue despite of this. A filler helps to give your face a hollow appearance. Fillers are used to ensure that dark circles are removed, and your under-eye bags are tightened up so that it gives your face a more fresh and ready look.

The Procedure 

There are various kinds of fillers that you can use to remove dark circles and under-eye bags. After a thorough discussion with your practitioner, you should choose a filler that is ideal for you. Once the needle is injected in your targeted area, you might not feel a lot of pain. The whole process does not take a lot of time either.

Before they inject you, numbing creams are used to ensure that the process is smooth and painless. However, since the area under your eyes is sensitive and soft, there is a chance of you getting some bruises, which can make this process a little painful. The bruises, however, take around 1 to 2 weeks to fade away.

Kindly note that, once the filling procedure is over, there will be a considerable amount of swelling on your skin. However, that is quite natural and the swelling will fade away in a few days time. Your practitioner will advise you to refrain from using any type of blood thinners for two weeks before your filler treatment. This would include fish oil supplements or even aspirin for that matter. They will further ask you to intake homeopathic arnica supplements to make sure that the bruising stay as minimal as possible. 

How long does this filler last?

Most of these eye fillers last for a long time, which implies that they are effective for a year at least. However, you might need to visit your practitioner within a year to undergo some touch-ups that will keep it fresh since there needs to be a perfect amount of filler to make your eyes look normal.